Mentoring and Coaching

Through our dedicated mentoring and coaching company, we offer a service called ‘Pathway to growth’.   This is a programme which delivers high quality business, coaching and mentoring aimed to support businesses and business owners who have an aspiration for growth.

We describe business growth in terms of creating economic impact locally, nationally, and internationally.    This is measured in terms of growth in turnover, profitability, investment, job creation, and markets (locally, nationally, and internationally).

The programme covers three stages: –

  • Stage 1: New start and early stage businesses
  • Stage 2: Transition to Growth
  • Stage 3: Growth and High Growth

Each stage will include a series of 1 hour online seminars with a dedicated, qualified and experienced mentor assigned to each business owner.  1-2-1 video meetings are held at least weekly with further regular access to the coach/mentor.

Areas covered in each of the stages include: –

  • Understanding vision, objectives and strategy.
  • Company structure
  • Legal duties and responsibilities of being a director of a company.
  • Corporate Governance
  • Preparing and building a business plan
  • Updating the business plan
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Costing and pricing
  • Training in the use of a bookkeeping software packages
  • Management accounting and management information
  • Business decision making
  • Funding and raising finance.

We encourage clients to work through the whole programme, although it is also designed to be flexible.   There are no long-term contracts.   The investment we ask from you is a fixed fee per month which ensures that you get full value rather than being mindful of time spent with your mentor coach.

Visit our Pathway to Growth website